Here is a helpful list of questions and answers that will enlighten you on the workings of Dingo Farms. People often ask us questions like why are you called Dingo Farms? Do you guys breed and sell dingo meat? Well you can get answers to those questions and much more below. If there's something you'd like to learn more about but can't find here just call or send us an email. We’re friendly people who love to talk about what we do. For more information about visiting us head on over to the visit us page.   



1. What do you raise? 

We raise Angus Beef, Berkshire Pork, Heritage Lamb and seasonal pastured Poultry.

2. Do you sell Dingo meat? 

No. Our name comes from Dennis’ younger days when friends referred to him as “Dingo”.


3. Can I get my order fresh instead of frozen?

No. Our products are flash frozen at the abattoir to maintain product quality and taste. 


4. Can customers tour the farm?

We are a working farm and for bio-security reasons and the safety of our family and yours, we do not allow customers to wander the property. 


5. Are your products Gluten free? 

Yes! All of our products are Gluten Free. Our sausages, cured meats and premade burger patties contain no other fillers. 


6. Do I have to buy a whole animal? 

No. Freezer orders are available as a ¼, ½ and whole animal. We carry a wide range of 10lb, 20lb and 30lb boxed meat packages.


7. Are you certified “organic”?

Simply put no, we are responsible and sustainable. However we do follow most organic protocol with equal emphasis on animal welfare.

8. Are your animals grass fed? 

Yes. Our animals are pasture raised, but not exclusively. We do finish with non-GMO and insecticide free corn and silage that we grow ourselves, and as always, free choice hay.


9. Do you sell “Corn Fed Beef”?

No. “Corn Fed Beef” is typically a branding given to “feed lot beef” that you can purchase from most major supermarkets. We offer Non GMO corn as a finishing supplement before market. This benefits the taste of the meat without compromising the health of the animal.


10. How do your prices compare to the supermarket? 

The meat we produce is very different from what you can purchase in your local supermarket.  We are competitively priced for comparable products. On average we are less expensive the “certified organic” but more expensive than “commercially grown” meats.


11. Where can I buy your products? 

Our products are sold exclusively through us. We have a store located right on our farm in Bradford, ON and we offer online sales.


12. How do you go about making a freezer order? 

Freezer orders are very simple. Animals are available in ¼, ½ or whole and available year round. Once you determine the quantity a deposit is taken and a cut sheet is filled out together and a pick up time is established.  Turnaround time is 2 – 5 weeks depending on the product.


13. How much freezer space do I need? 

Our “boxed” products fit into a top mount freezer on most fridges. A 5 cubic foot freezer accommodates a ¼ of beef or a whole pig or easily a whole lamb. 


14. How many lbs is a typical freezer order? 

As no 2 animals are identical, average hanging weights are approximately 190lbs for a ¼ beef. 110lbs for a ½ pig. 25lbs for a ½ lamb. Hanging weight refers to the whole carcass weight before cutting and trimming. Depending on how much of the animal you chose to utilize, the average cut and wrapped weight for your freezer is 65% of the hanging weight. (Use of bones, organs and fat increase that percentage)


15. Do you have chicken all the time? 

No. Chicken are available seasonally midsummer.  Raised on pasture and sold whole. Watch our Facebook page for availability.

16. Do you deliver? 

Currently we do not. We are working hard to secure a carrier who can ensure the integrity of our products from our farm to your family.

17. Can I buy a BBQ pig?

No. We don’t sell BBQ sized pigs. 

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